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Hey, guys! I participated in a Body After Baby Challenge, hosted by Samantha of You can read about it on my "Mommy Blog," including my final Before and After pics. Long story short, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight (Baby Hannelore is 6 months old!).

I am one of the four finalists in the contest, and the winner (as voted on by readers, which could mean YOU) gets a $50 gift certificate to an online cloth diapering store, Mama Momo! We cloth diaper Hanners, so that would be a fantastic prize!

To view all four of the finalists and vote (I'm on there as "BrassyMom" *cough*cough*), go HERE!

(Voting is on the sidebar, and just requires clicking a radio button and submitting - no personal information or signing in required! Very user friendly.)

Thanks, everyone!
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No art for you today, just a quick link about Memorial Day:

For my US friends, remember that there is a national moment of remembrance at 3pm (local time). Apparently, there have been some studies/surveys on school age children in the US and many of them cannot tell you what Memorial Day is for (besides barbecquing). I feel particularly fortunate that while I know several veterans (many of them family), none of them gave their lives in service. Still, their sacrifices and their willingness to do so are remarkable, and I think of all of them today.